Please allow 2-3 day lead time. Paleo and Vegan options available upon request. Custom flavors available.

Small Breads & Muffins: (batches of 5)

-apple cranberry, apple spice, apple walnut spice
-banana, banana cranberry, banana walnut
-blueberry, blueberry banana
-carrot cake bread
-chocolate banana, chocolate chip, chocolate zucchini
-coconut walnut
-cranberry almond, cranberry orange
-pineapple coconut
-pumpkin pecan, pumpkin apple spice
-strawberry banana with walnuts
-sweet potato pecan, sweet potato cranberry, sweet potato banana
-toasted coconut banana
-zucchini spice, zucchini walnut spice

Cofee Cakes: (Nuts can be added to any flavor)

-apple walnut spice
-banana maple walnut,
-cinnamon walnut
-orange cranberry
-maple walnut
-pineapple pecan
-pumpkin spice
-sweet potato pecan

Cakes or Cupcakes: (cupcakes: batches of 6 or 8, cakes: 6″ or 9″)
with matching butter cream frosting, or suggest your own creation

-lemon, lemon coconut
-pineapple, pineapple orange, pineapple coconut
-applesauce spice
-raspberry lemon, raspberry
-pumpkin spice
-cookies and cream
-chocolate, chocolate zucchini, chocolate pumpkin, chocolate banana, chocolate orange, chocolate raspberry, chocolate mocha chip

Cookies: (batches of 6 or 8)

-quinoa cookies with cranberries and pecans

-peanut butter chocolate chip

Whoopie Pies: (batch of 8)

-Chocolate filled with vanilla marshmellow cream

Brownies and Bars: (batches of 6 or 8)

-Black bean brownies
-Lava brownies
-Six layer cookie bar